The Australia New Zealand Food Authority (ANZFA)

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The Australia New Zealand Food Authority (ANZFA), in cooperation with the Australian Commonwealth, State and Territory governments and the New Zealand Government, develops food standards and other regulatory measures for Australia and New Zealand. Food standards are published in the Food Standards Code once they are approved by the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Council (ANZFSC).

The use of these food additives is regulated by the Food Standards Code and enforced in Australia under State and Territory food laws.

The Australia New Zealand Food Authority is responsible for the development, or variation to, food standards in the Code. The final decision is made by the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Council (ANZFSC), made up of State, Territory, Commonwealth and New Zealand Health Ministers.

Before the Authority recommends to the ANZFSC the use of any new additive in a particular food, it asks:
bullet Is the additive safe to eat (at the requested level in that particular food)?
bullet Are there good technological reasons for the use of the additive?
bullet Will consumers be clearly informed about its presence?
When satisfied on these points the Authority recommends a maximum level of the additive permitted in particular foods, based on technological need and providing it is well within safe limits.

Food standards can be varied through a process which can start either by the receipt of an application, or through the preparation of a proposal. Manufacturers seeking to introduce a new food, make a food using a new process or use a new additive, should first check to see if the Food Standards Code already has suitable standards before seeking the development of a new standard(s) or variance to an existing one.

Sample application formats are available from the Standards Liaison Officer on (02) 6271 2258 or by writing to:

Standards Liaison Officer
P0 Box 7186
Canberra Mail Centre ACT 2610

ANZFA provides a subscription service which supplies all papers relating to all proposed changes to the Food Standards Code for an annual fee of A$1 50 or NZ$1 75.
You can subscribe to the Food Standards Code and amendments on disk or in hard copy by contacting the Information Officer at ANZFA on (02) 6271 2241.

ANZFA produces a monthly newsletter, ANZFA News, also available by calling the Information Officer.

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