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Professional networking seminars

CIP Aims

Identify linkages between resources, markets, finance, technology and competitive regions to....

The seminars are convened by Remco Van Santen

The "Opportunities" newsletter includes summaries of presentations.  


Address the theme of "Opportunities and Impediments"; and


Promote business and awareness.

Also, First and Second Australian Chemical Summits.


Developing opportunities in nickel (tba)

RECENT Presentation of four CEO's

Mr Brian Bradley

WorkSafe WA

Roger Payne
Chief Executive Officer

Water and Rivers Commission

Dr Bryan Jenkins
Chief Executive Officer

Department of Environmental Protection

Ken Price

Explosives & Dangerous Goods Branch of DME.

A range of mini-conferences have been run since 1994. We have initiated and promoted a two day Summit for August (below)

The Hon Colin Barnett, Deputy Premier WA

The Hon Mr Colin Barnett,
Deputy Premier and Minister for Resources Development
addressing The Project's Status and Role of Government.
Tim Lau, Quality Control Manager of Tiwest receiving the CIP Golf Cup from Richard Cooper, Chairman ACSPA (WA)
Details of Golf Cup 15 May 1998

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