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Following your requests, we have now decided to add a new conference proceedings classification to the CFA.

If you would like to submit any conference proceedings, which may range from a list of abstracts to a detailed report, please submit to the new conference proceedings section.

If you would like to submit your paper as a conference proceeding please tick the check box on the first page of the submission process. You may then specify the appropriate classification and sub-classification for the paper as normal.

All papers marked as conference proceedings may be browsed, in the usual way, from the main browse. You will have the choice to view them either from the main chemistry classifications, with all the other preprints, or on their own by clicking on the new "conference proceedings" link.

We will soon add extra functionality so that you will be able to browse through conference papers by date and title of the conference.

Other Physical Sciences
249093 Instruments and Techniques
Physical Chemistry (incl. Structural)
250101 Chemical Thermodynamics and Energetics
250102 Chemistry of Catalysis
250103 Colloid and Surface Chemistry
250104 Chemical Spectroscopy
250105 Structural Chemistry
250106 Mechanisms of Reactions
250107 Electrochemistry
250199 Physical Chemistry not elsewhere classified
Inorganic Chemistry
250201 Transition Metal Chemistry
250202 Main Group Metal Chemistry
250203 Solid State Chemistry
250204 Bio-organic Chemistry
250205 Non-Metal Chemistry
250206 f-Block Chemistry
250299 Inorganic Chemistry not elsewhere classified
Organic Chemistry
250301 Organic Chemical Synthesis
250302 Biological and Medical Chemistry
250303 Physical Organic Chemistry
250399 Organic Chemistry not elsewhere classified
Analytical Chemistry
250401 Separation Science
250402 Analytical Spectrometry
250403 Electroanalytical Chemistry
250404 Flow Analysis
250405 Sensor (Chemical and Bio-)Technology
250406 Immunological and Bioassay Methods
250407 Other Instrumental Methods
250408 Chemometrics
250409 Quality Assurance, Traceability and Meteorological Chemistry
250499 Analytical Chemistry not elsewhere classified
Macromolecular Chemistry
250501 Synthesis of Macromolecules
250502 Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules
250503 Characterisation of Macromolecules
250504 Polymerisation Mechanisms
250599 Macromolecular Chemistry not elsewhere classified
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
250601 Quantum Chemistry
250602 Statistical Mechanics
250603 Reaction Kinetics and Dynamics
250604 Radiation and Matter
250605 Theory of Materials
250606 Macromolecular Design
250699 Theoretical and Computational Chemistry not elsewhere classified
Other Chemical Sciences
259901 Organometallic Chemistry
259902 Environmental Chemistry (inc. Atmospheric Chemistry)
259903 Industrial Chemistry
259904 Supramolecular Chemistry
259999 Chemical Sciences not elsewhere classified
260301 Geochronology and Isotope Geochemistry
260302 Exploration Geochemistry
260303 Organic Geochemistry not elsewhere classified
260304 Inorganic Geochemistry not elsewhere classified
260399 Geochemistry not elsewhere classified
Information Systems
280101 Information Systems Organisation
280102 Information Systems Management
280103 Information Storage, Retrieval and Management
280104 Computer-Human Interaction
280105 Interfaces and Presentation (excl. Computer-Human Interaction)
280106 Interorganisational Information Systems
280107 Global Information Systems
280108 Database Management
280109 Decision Support and Group Support Systems
280110 Systems Theory
280111 Conceptual Modelling
280112 Information Systems Development Methodologies
280199 Information Systems not elsewhere classified
Artificial Intelligence and Signal and Image Processing
280201 Expert Systems
280202 Computer Graphics
280203 Image Processing
280204 Signal Processing
280205 Text Processing
280206 Speech Recognition
280207 Pattern Recognition
280208 Computer Vision
280209 Intelligent Robotics
280210 Simulation and Modelling
280211 Virtual Reality and Related Simulation
280212 Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic
280213 Other Artificial Intelligence
Computer Software
280301 Programming Techniques
280302 Software Engineering
280303 Programming Languages
280304 Operating Systems
280305 Multimedia Programming
280399 Computer Software not elsewhere classified
Computation Theory and Mathematics
280401 Analysis of Algorithms and Complexity
280402 Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages
280403 Logics and Meanings of Programs
280404 Numerical Analysis
280405 Discrete Mathematics
280406 Mathematical Software
280499 Computation Theory and Mathematics not elsewhere classified
Data Format
280501 Data Structures
280502 Data Storage Representations
280503 Files
280504 Data Encryption
280505 Data Security
280506 Coding and Information Theory
280599 Data Format not elsewhere classified
Other Information, Computing and Communication Sciences
289999 Other Information, Computing and Communication Sciences
Industrial Biotechnology and Food Sciences
290101 Fermentation, Biotechnology and Industrial Microbiology
290102 Food Engineering
290103 Food Processing
290104 Other Food Sciences
290105 Other Industrial Biotechnology
Manufacturing Engineering
290301 Robotics and Mechatronics
290302 Flexible Manufacturing Systems
290303 CAD/CAM Systems
290304 Control Engineering
290305 Welding Technology
290306 Textile Technology
290307 Printing Technology
290308 Packaging, Storage and Transportation
290309 Safety and Quality
290399 Manufacturing Engineering not elsewhere classified
Chemical Engineering
290601 Chemical Engineering Design
290602 Process Control and Simulation
290603 Membrane and Separation Technologies
290699 Chemical Engineering not elsewhere classified
Resources Engineering
290701 Mining Engineering
290702 Mineral Processing
290703 Petroleum and Reservoir Engineering
290704 Geomechanics
290799 Resources Engineering not elsewhere classified
Environmental Engineering
291101 Environmental Engineering Modelling
291102 Bio-remediation
291103 Environmental Engineering Design
291104 Environmental Technologies
291199 Environmental Engineering not elsewhere classified
Materials Engineering
291401 Polymers
291402 Composite Materials
291403 Alloy Materials
291404 Ceramics
291405 Timber
291406 Pulp and Paper
291407 Plastics
291499 Materials Engineering not elsewhere classified
Other Engineering and Technology
299901 Agricultural Engineering
299902 Combustion and Fuel Engineering
299903 Biosensor Technologies
299904 Engineering (technology Instrumentation
299999 Engineering and Technology not elsewhere classified
Environmental Sciences
300801 Environmental Management and Rehabilitation
300802 Wildlife and Habitat Management
300803 Natural Resource Management
300804 Environmental Impact Assessment
300805 Conservation
300899 Environmental Sciences not elsewhere classified


330100 Education Studies
330200 Curriculum Studies
330300 Professional Development of Teachers
339900 Other Education
340202 Environment and Resource Economics
340205 Industry Econ6mics and Industrial Organisation
340299 Applied Economics not elsewhere classified.
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