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The Chemical Federation of Australia Inc. (CFA) was incorporated to promote science-based enterprise relating to 'chemicals' (eg. titanium dioxide, diesel from gas, alumina, nickel, PVC, pesticides and ammonia). 

CFA is a not-for-profit association managed by a Board of five professionals experienced in industry, consulting, technology, academe and government. The success of broad industry-professional associations such as the American Chemical Society and as shown by CIP, point to the effectiveness of the combined relationship of professionals and industry. 

To achieve its aims, CFA supports professional and industry associations.

The aims of CFA are: 

bulletto advance enterprise involving chemicals, promoting opportunities, technologies, excellence and innovations in Australia to assist linking industry, institutions and government:



to promote public awareness, consultation and debate on issues relevant to the chemicals and their application.

bulletto promote cooperation, education and discussion concerning and involving chemicals in Australia to promote excellence, innovation, entrepreneurship skills, pioneering, research and activities of value to the community in relation to the use and understanding of chemicals;


bulletto promote the advancement of management, administration, technology and marketing in all branches of the chemical and related enterprise by the dissemination and application of knowledge gained from experience, experiment, education and research;


bulletto promote study and discussion of procedures, practices and processes in the Australian chemical industry and any related enterprise with a view to their improvement for the benefit of the Australian community;


bulletto work in conjunction with other organisations to achieve all of the objects of the Association.

Therefore, CFA.....

Supports value adding

Over the past three decades employment in the chemical industry and its contribution to GDP has plummeted. Limited new investment points to a failure of the system. Australia has an enormous resource base per capita, one of the largest in the world, but limited value adding. (eg. potential).

CFA is committed to promoting the conditions to promote investment, skills and awareness.

Promotes R&D and development of advanced products

CFA recognises the importance of R&D that is typically less than one-quarter that of parent chemical companies operating in Australia. 

As part of a network, CFA shares and promotes the conditions for the development of R&D to promote advanced products.

Recognises important roles for government

As the guardian manager of Australia's resources, government has failed to attract many world-class investment. 

CFA believes government has a role to promote the conditions for investment including the provision of common user infrastructure and the quality of education and support services. 

CFA recognises government as the custodian of the Australia's capacity to adapt to change.

Government can also influence the regulatory environment of business to promote more advanced products. Regulations need not be simply cost imposts on Australian enterprise.


To responsibly advance enterprise involving 'chemicals' - promoting opportunities, technologies, excellence and innovation. 

CFA supports existing networks to help link professions, industry and government.

To promote...

Excellence and Enterprise

What can be achieved by cooperation... The importance of recognising the value of niche products...
The best ever" - Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, pointing to effective government/industry cooperation in Australia. Australia, with just 19 million people, winning the Sydney 2000 Paralympics
bulletCompetitiveness is often more than a low dollar.

Key Features 

CFA links commerce, industry, academe and government to promote excellence and value adding in Australia.

Mission Statement Membership 

The CFA mission is to:


Advance enterprise involving 'chemicals' - promoting opportunities, technologies, excellence and innovation. 


Promote value-adding activities that draw on advanced skills, knowledge and relationships.

CFA therefore:

bulletLinks industry, institutions and government to promote cooperation and commerce.
bulletShares information on cutting edge knowledge, developments and opportunities involving chemicals. 
bulletPromotes excellence, innovation, entrepreneurship, skills, pioneering research and activities of value to the community.

Responsibly advancing enterprise and excellence. 


CFA association rules.

Membership is available to:


Individuals that are members, or eligible for membership, of the Supported Associations.


Corporations that employ persons that are members, or eligible for membership of the Supported Associations.

Discounted membership.  

Eligible for membership of CFA at one-half (50%) of the Standard Membership Fee are:


Financial members of the Supported Associations.


Employees of Corporate members of CFA.  

CFA Membership details

bulletAustralian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
bulletAustralian Institute of Energy (AIE)
bulletAVCARE (ag vet chemicals)
bulletAustralian Consumer and Specialties Products Association 
bulletAustralian Paint Manufacturers Federation
bulletAustralian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association  
bulletAustralian Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers Association
bulletInstitution of Chemical Engineers in Australia (IChemE)
bullet Institution of Engineers, Australia  
bulletPlastics & Chemical Industries Association (PACIA) 
bulletSurface Coatings Association of Australia
bulletThe Royal Australian Chemical Institute 

CFA Board 

CFA regional

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Director Finance    
Director Technical    
Director International    
Interstate representation    
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