Remco van Santen

Remco van Santen (1948) is the founder, former director and former owner of Chemlink Pty Ltd and a founder, former principal of Chemlink Consultants. He is a graduate of the University of Western Australia (BSc, BEc, and MBA) and was Australia's Chairman of Industrial Chemistry Division of the RACI and a Fellow.

In three decades his experience includes the Australian Chemical Industry Council and techno-economist with the Industries Assistance Commission during a major review of Australia's chemical industry. Some of his experience is reflected in being the opening speaker at a national Petrochemical and Plastic Industries Conference (Shanghai), keynote speaker at Expo 2000 in Melbourne and variously cited in national and international publications. 

Remco was a member of a four-member International Panel and Chairman to describe world trends and markets in chloralkali chemicals in Asian cities. 

Some papers presented by Remco include: 

bulletChlorine in Asia

bulletTrade ban implications on Australia

bulletOpportunities and developments in Australia's chemical sector

bulletAustralia's chemical industry (for RACI)

bulletAustralia's Chemical Industry - government influence, performance and outlook

bulletCaustic Soda in Asia 

bulletSpeaker at five international chemicals conferences (China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia).

bulletKeynote speaker at SCAA's Expo 2000.

Remco chaired the First Australian Chemical Summit and presenting the industry paper on the development and outlook of Australia's chemical industry. He has spoken at six international conferences on topics ranging from developments in the Australian chemical industry, to PVC, EDC and VCM, development in Asia and Australia.

CIP was initiated and managed by Remco Van Santen with newsletters .


Chemlink Pty Ltd and Chemlink Consultants

Chemlink Pty Ltd (ABN 71 007 034 022) and Chemlink Consultants (ABN 64 462 037 904) provided economics-related consultancy services to industry and Governments on chemical, resource and energy related projects.

Economics-related consultancy services

Chemlink's mission statement was to...

bulletProvide facts and advice

bulletSolve practical problems on technical subjects

bulletUse thoroughly researched information and soundly based principles

with aim to promote business

Our clients included:

bulletGovernment agencies at State and Federal level (feasibility projects, markets, world trends, trade profiles)

bulletIndustry (market, national and international trade, industry profiles, strategy assessments)

bulletLegal firms (market prices, risk profiling, transfer pricing, site location)

bulletTechnology firms (technology assessments).

Our projects included:

bullet Audit and identification of opportunities for the manufacture of specialty chemicals for Western Australia.

bulletAssessments of markets and trade in commodity and specialty chemicals for industrial gas and chemical firms.

bulletNational and international pricing of ammonium nitrate (Futuris/Orica)

bullet Assessment of impact of trade bans on Australia involving $2bn in trade and $1bn in manufacturing (DFAT)

bullet Identification of strategic issues for the acquisition of major companies (eg. ICI, now Orica).

bulletReview of petrochemical prospects and specific products (gas to liquids, ammonia, alpha olefins etc) in Asia (Brunei)


Sample of Activities

Feasibility, strategy, technologies and market assessment Prefeasibility study for chloralkali plant for Kwinana (investor).

Markets and trade in industrial gases.

Manufacturing technologies and international trade in aldehydes.

Assessments of companies for sale (outlook in a strategic context)

Expert witness in legal proceedings on ammonium nitrate pricing.

Pre-feasibility study for Acrylic acid plant ($300M) for the Department of Resources Development.

Audit of the state of Western Australia for potential manufacture of industrial chemicals for Department of Resources Development.

Review of Western Australia's chemical industry for Dept of Commerce and Trade.

Review of chemical industry in WA and ammonia for state governments

Petrochemical strategies including for Brunei. 

Review of technology for manufacture of acrolein/polyacrolein.

Assessment of markets for ammonia gas in Australia.

International markets Commissioned studies and speaking positions including as chairman at petrochemical conferences on EDC/VCM, caustic, developments in Australian (Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur. Phuket and Singapore)
Risk profile Victoria's Coode Island (Point Lillias Chemical Storage Facility)  hazardous storage facility.
Trade assessment Accurate and current data port to port on trade with Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan and the USA.

International trade ban assessment for the federal Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Canberra) involving assessment on $2bn in trade and $1bn in manufacture.

Regulations relevant to chemicals Editor of of Guide to Chemicals in Australia vols 1, 2 and 6.
Gas quality and quantity review Gas quality and quantity study for Direct Reduced Iron projects.
Strategic profiles Various assignments for Australian and international clients for acquisition.
Chloralkali and chlorine chemicals Speaker as international petrochemical conferences including Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur.
Australia's chemical industry Chairman and Panel Session Leader at the First Australian Chemicals Summit.

Feature articles in The Australian Encyclopaedia, Asian Chemical News, Asia-Pacific Chemicals etc.

Our internet site described as the "broadest on the World Wide Web".

Government responsibilities Reviews of government agency operations for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of WA.

In preparation: Australia's Chemical Industry: Options for development and potential roles for government.

Seminars and conferences Established and manage CIP seminars


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