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Gladstone (inc. Yarwun) & Townsville 

See also Queensland.


Gladstone is located on the coast mid-way between Mackay and Brisbane. The industrial estate is located at Yarwun.

Boyne Smelters Ltd at Boyne Island, 15 km south of Gladstone. Aluminium smelter output 490,000 tpa of aluminium to be the largest producer in Australia and the fourth largest in the world. It uses 1.4 PJ pa of natural gas.


Yarwun is located 15 km north-west of Gladstone.

Activities there include bulletTicor Chemical Company - sodium cyanide (25 000 tpa) bulletOrica - sodium cyanide (25 000 tpa) bulletOrica - ammonium nitrate (cap. 280 000 tpa). It presently uses some 100 000 tonnes of ammonia transported from Incitec's Brisbane's plant complemented by imports.

In March 2004 it was announced that ammonium nitrate production capacity is being increased by approximately 25,000 tonnes a year to 300 000 tonnes per year costing around $13.5m to be completed by March 2005 and follows a 15 per cent upgrade of the plant to 275,000 tonnes in 2003

Work is underway to increase production of ammonium nitrate by 40 per cent at Kooragang Island, near Newcastle, for a cost of $50 million, expected for completion by end of 2004.

  bulletOrica - chloralkali production (9 000 tpa as caustic soda).

Aluminium fluoride

A $100m plant is under assessment to produce aluminium fluoride using spent potlining fluorides and imported fluorspar. 

Near Gladstone

Outside of Gladstone is the bulletStuart Oil Shale project bulletMagnesium project (Stanwell Park near Rockhampton)


Townsville is located mid-way on the coast between Cairns and Rockhampton.

A A$530 million zinc refinery is being constructed at Stuart, 15 km south of Townsville by Korea Zinc Co Ltd., through its subsidiary Sun Metals Corporation Pty Ltd. It is due for completion in 1999.

It will produce 170,000 tpa of zinc (and 325,000 tpa of sulfuric acid) and employ 350 permanent employees.

The Government assistance package to Korea Zinc included funding for road access, rail access, electricity transmission, water supply and waste water infrastructure.


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