Guide to Chemicals in Australia


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Guide to Chemicals in Australia (ISBN O-646-03983-0 set) is published in three volumes. They have been ordered by over 600 organisations with up to 50 copies each in Australia and New Zealand as well as in India, Ghana, Singapore and Hong Kong. They are registered with the CIS division of the International Labour Organisation as CIS 94-1344 and CIS 94-1345.

Volumes 1 and 2 are over 400 pages in concise point format, cross referenced, indexed, with tables of contents, references to essential sources of information, photographs, summary tables, glossary of important terms, hints and tips with hundreds of footnotes.

Volume 1, The Material Safety Data Sheet (ISBN 0-646-01372-6) details the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) as the principal document legally required in Australia for manufacturers and importers to communicate information to users of chemicals. It serves two primary functions. bullet Users, to help understand the information, gauge the adequacy and train others to properly manage and use such hazardous substances. bullet Manufacturers will be helped to prepare better MSDS at lower costs. Key phrases, hints and tips are provided. The volume is structured to be integrated with the training program.

Volume 2, Using Moving and Storing Chemicals (ISBN 0-646-03992-X) describes the requirements for information and management in the; bullet workplace, bullet transport, and bullet storage of hazardous substances and dangerous goods. Like volume 1, it is extensively cross-referenced, with many detailed appendices to help explain the complex issues. Again, like volume 1, it is structured to facilitate training programs.

Table of Contents (Vol 2)

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All volumes have been professionally reviewed with comments such as "a monumental work", "a treasure of information" and "an outstanding contribution". As fourth editions, they have extensively redesigned to user requirements.

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 Training program

Developed with professionals, the training program comprises of over 300 overheads, training manuals with graphic-included user handouts.


One of the 300 overheads available and integrated with the Guides.

It has been designed for in-house use so that they can be readily designed according to need. If you wish, we can arrange for experienced communicators to present the course to your requirements, even in-house.

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