Leaders - profiles of goods & services providers.

This section provides a template for key service providers, (such as consulting engineers, risk managers, health and safety consultants) to describe their services under standardised headings. It is a service to CFA members only.

This section will be converted to a form for convenience. An index will be developed.

Leaders is divided into a Features part and a Profiles part.


In the Features part, organisations are listed with information elements under each category  in which they provide services.

Category  elements

Key elements provide the structure heading for each Service Category in the Features part.

bullet Organisation name.
bullet Address (principal in Australia)
bullet Telephone No.
bullet Fax No.
bullet Email Address
bullet Web Address
bullet Description of services (less than  25 words)
bullet Contact name
bullet Position
bullet Overseas address  & contact details


The Profiles part provides more in-depth information about the organisations than provided in the Features part. It helps identify the most suitable organisation by providing key information such as facilities, skills, experience, clients and achievements to enable effective comparison.

Organisations are listed in alphabetical order with a listing in the Profiles index.

The Profiles  part has;

  1. Primary information section with key election relevant information; and
  2. Contact information section with contact details and other information.

a. Primary Information

bullet Organisation name
bullet Logo
bullet Services
bullet Major services
bullet Special services
bullet Forms of Contract
bullet Key Characteristics
bullet People
bullet Facilities
bullet Relationships
bullet Methodology and approach
bullet Compliance standards (eg. ISO 3901, NATA etc.)
bullet Other
bullet Experience
bullet Projects (current and recent) and clients
bullet Achievements and awards
bullet Future
bullet Corporate philosophy (mission statement)
bullet Turnover (inc. trends, breakdown of turnover eg. overseas and local)
bullet Date of formation
bullet No. of employees (Australia and overseas)

b. Contact Information

bullet Directors and associates
bulletAustralian Street address
bullet Postal address
bullet Telephone
bullet Fax
bullet Email address
bullet Web Address
bullet Contact name(s) and position
bullet Other Australian (repeated per state/territory)
bullet Street address
bullet Postal address
bullet Telephone
bullet Fax
bullet Contact name(s) and position
bullet Overseas
bullet Addresses
bullet Telephone
bullet Fax
bullet Email
bullet Web address
bullet Description of  services (less than  10 words including special expertise, facilities etc.)
bullet Contact name(s) and position.


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