Application for membership

Application for membership must be accompanied by a sponsor unless already a financial member of a 'scheduled association'. You will then also be eligible for a 50 per cent reduction in the CFA membership fee. 


As a member you will receive

bulletDiscounts to CFA conferences & seminars.
bulletNewsletter by e-mail with details of regulations and government influences on chemical enterprise.
bulletAccess to conference papers.
bulletOpportunity to promote your business and services on CFA webpages.

Concessions being developed including:

bullet Haztech newsletter.
bulletComplimentary Guide to Chemicals in Australia - The Material Safety Data Sheet.
bulletReduced cost services (eg. MSDS preparation, training services, commerce information eg trade data). 

The Standard Membership Fee for 2001


Individuals A$60*.


Corporations A$250*.

* Discounted membership. We encourage membership of the Scheduled InstitutionsFinancial, members and deemed members (ie. employees of CFA member corporations) are eligible for membership of CFA at 50 per cent of the Standard Membership Fee.

Corporations can nominate four members for free.

January to December (50% rate for joining after 30 June).

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