National Environmental Protection Council

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See also the Commonwealth Environmental Protection Agency EPA and National Pollutants Inventory (NPI)_

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The National Environmental Protection Council (NEPC) is a statutory law making body to;
bulletmake National Environment Protection Measures (NEPMs); and
bulletassess and report in their implementation and effectiveness
Members of the NEPC Council are State (and Territory) Ministers.

An NEPC Committee (NEPCC) is the principal advisory body to Council with a member elected by each Council member. The NEPC Service Corporation provides administrative services to the Council.

National Environmental Protection Measures

National Environmental Protection Measures are instruments that outline agreed national objectives for protecting particular parts of the environment.

Typically an NEPM has;
bulleta goal (outcome);
bulletstandards (environmental quality);
bulletprotocols (procedures) for monitoring and reporting; and
bulletguidelines (how standards or goals may be achieved or problems addressed).
They may address ambient air and water quality, noise, site assessment, hazardous waste and recycling. Motor vehicle noise and emission are included.

An NEPM automatically becomes law in each jurisdiction (State or Territory) once passed by Council (unless dissalowed by federal Parliament).

An impact statement is required to be prepared before an NEPM is determined. This statement must address (inter alia);
bulletenvironmental, economic and social impact;
bulletefficiency and effectiveness;
bulletif the NEPM is achieved most effectively by a standard, goal and/or guidelines;
bulletrelationship to existing intergovernmental mechanisms;
bulletrelationship to international agreements; and
bulletregional environmental differences in Australia.
The NEPC provides guidelines for the preparation of Impact Statements.

Proposed NEPMs include;
bullet National Pollutant Inventory;
bulletAssessment of Contaminated Sites;
bulletMovement of Hazardous Waste Across State and Territory Boundaries;
bulletAmbient Air Quality.
The NEPC Service Corporation may be contacted at....

Level 5, 81 Flinders St
South Australia 5000
Tel 08 8419 1200
Fax 08 8224 0912

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