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Outlook table (provisional and to be developed)

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Prepared on request to provide some indicative perceptions of directions. These are again only opinions and not advice. We are always happy to receive information to improve these pages.

Many activities we previously described as having poor prospects have ceased this decade. These include the production of oxo alcohols, phthalic anhydride and phthalate esters by ICI Chemicals Rhodes, polypropylene by ICI (now Orica) and styrene by Dow Chemical and vinyl chloride monomer and specialty chemicals by ICI (now Orica).

This table is a quick overview with more supporting information elsewhere including the performance section.

Similar tables will be prepared to describe: bullet opportunities for manufacture in Australia. Most notable is the Pilbara Petrochemical Project - an integrated chloralkali polyolefin project. bullet company performance and outlook such as the outstanding growth of Coogee Chemicals, Wesfarmers CSBP and Millennium Inorganic Chemicals.

Outlook Products Company Export Comments
Strong Titanium dioxide Tiwest

Millennium Inorganic Chemicals

Strong export potential Access to quality and readily accessible minerals
Ammonium nitrate Incitec


Limited - freight and small-scale ammonia manufacture Supplying resource development with freight advantage
Ammonium phosphate Western Mining Corporation Very good Accessible raw materials (phosphate rock and sulfur dioxide).
Synthetic Rutile RGC

Westralian Sands Tiwest,

Sulfuric acid Metal smelters eg. WMC, MIM Negligible Pollution control driven.
Alumina Alcoa




Strong Access to quality raw materials.
Good Sodium cyanide AGR



Limited Limited comparative advantage. Very sensitive to price of gold.
Ammonia Incitec


Negligible Limited scale of production.
Average Sodium carbonate Penrice Soda Products Good Access to competitive salt and gas
Polyolefins Orica (LLDPE) Limited Limited scale ut competitive feedstocks
Kemcor (HDPE) Limited Limited scale but competitive feedstocks
Basell Australia (polypropylene) Good Propylene from refining operations
Silicon Simcoa Strong Energy-intensive. Sale at discount enabled continued operation
Zirconium chemicals Hanwha Advanced Ceramics Limited Production for local market using imported raw material. Would be helped by a local ceramics industry.
Below average Polystyrene (styrene chemicals) Huntsman Chemicals Poor Reliant on imported benzene. Smal scale polymer. Assistance sensitive (tariffs and a/d)
Phenol Huntsman Chemicals Average Tariff legacy activity.
PVC Australian Vinyls Corporation Opportunistic No comparative advantage, imports VCM; import tariff and anti-dumping legislation sensitive.
Synthetic rubbers Kemcor Limited Small scale of manufacture. Tied with polypropylene via gas oil unit
Fatty acids Symex Holdings Negligible Reliant on imported raw materials; limited comparative advantage.

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