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Kalgoorlie is located 600 km east of Perth the capital of Western Australia. It is the centre of gold and nickel production.

There are no significant chemical manufacturing operations other than formulation activities (e.g. explosives) in the region. There are opportunities for the manufacture of; bullet sodium cyanide bullet titanium dioxide (anatase using sulfuric acid) bulletManganese dioxide. Hitec Energy Limited is evaluating the production of electrolytic grade manganese dioxide used in alkaline batteries. It would be located at Cawse where there is an electrowinning plant that had been used to produce nickel.  Production will range to 23,000 tpa fro the Woodie Woodie Mine in the Pilbara region of WA and from manganese waste from OMG nickel project at Cawse. bullet phosphate fertiliser. Sulfuric acid is manufactured by Western Mining Corporation.

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Gas line

In 1996, gas from the north west is available at around A$1.50 to A$2.00 per gigajoule plus a pipeline overhead charge that in Kalgoorlie is A$3.64 per gigajoule (c.f. A$1.20 for the domestic pipeline for Perth and Bunbury). In February 1997, a 15 per cent discount was offered by the pipeline operators though . Presently it represents cost savings of 20 per cent on diesel fuel in Kalgoorlie to 40 per cent in more remote regions.

The (A$400m) pipeline (400mm to 350mm diameter) is 1400 km long and carries around 63 terajoules per day, 100 terajoules by 2000 with potential for 165 terajoules (with gas compression).

The line was owned by WMC (63 per cent), Normandy (25 per cent) and BHP (12 per cent). In October 1998, WMC sold its share (for A$402m) to Southern Cross Pipelines (AGL 45%, US-based CMS Energy 45% and Canadian TransAlta Energy Corp 10%). The purchase included 100 per cent of of the small Parkeston line (to service a lime plant).

Details on gas line to Perth region.

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