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The Kemerton Industrial Park and Bunbury region

Last update 2002


Kemerton Industrial Park

See also the Kwinana industrial estate

The Kemerton Industrial Park is located 180 km south of Perth, the capital of Western Australia and 17 km north east of Bunbury (and 150 km south of the industrial region of Kwinana), a major city and port of the region. 

For more than a decade to 2004, the WA has been promoting the industrial park as a site for industry including even an aluminium smelting industry (although energy costs were high by international standards). Kemerton was perceived to be an alternative to Kwinana which was approaching capacity. Today there are only two significant activities with a modest scale silicon project and a Becher-process synthetic rutile plant supplied by a 18 000 tonne chlorine plant.

The Bunbury port does not handle freight containers and SCM and Simcoa as the two major companies located at Kemerton, export through Fremantle some 160 km north by road. A port (costing some A$300 m) has been discussed for Kemerton as the Bunbury port is considered unsuitable for deep draft vessels and does not handle containers.

In 2004, a 260megawatt gas-fired power plant was announced to service the South West Region due for operation late 2005.

There are major titanium mineral sand projects located in the region and Millennium Inorganic Chemicals (formerly SCM Chemicals see below) as a titanium dioxide pigment manufacturer has signalled intentions to double production.

Power is provided by a coal and gas fired station. The two plants are located at Kemerton rather than say Kwinana to its north for being close to raw materials. The State Government has an active program to promote investment at Kemerton and has considered funding a port facility.



Silicon metal Simcoa
Titanium dioxide pigment Millennium Inorganic Chemicals
Bunbury region
Bunbury is the largest city and port of the South West of Western Australia. There are new developments in the region related to resource development.



Alumina Alcoa

Worsley Alumina

Gallium chloride Rhone-Poulenc
Lithium carbonate Gwalia Consolidated
Ilmenite BHP Minerals
Other products

Production is believed to be about 20 000 tpa of urea formaldehyde and 10 000 tpa of melamine formaldehyde resins using formaldehyde produced from imported methanol.

Urea- and melamine-formaldehyde resins by Dyno Industries (WA) at Dardanup for composite wood produced by Wesfi. Dyno Industries (WA) is a joint venture of Wesfi (a publicly listed timber producer) and Dyno Industrier ASA of Norway.
bulletAcrylic polymers (HX-PAM emulsion) flocculant by Dyno Industries using imported acrylic acid. Production is 5000 tpa which will be sold to Cytec Industries (of the US) for use in WA's alumina industries (red mud flocculation).

Note. Dyno Industries (WA) is a joint venture of Wesfi (a timber producer) and Dyno Industrier ASA of Norway.


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